Key Fob | Stroebel AutomotiveIf you have a vehicle with keyless entry and keyless ignition, have you ever considered how you would start your car in the event that the key fob dies? If this ever happens, you’ve got a few options.

Take a closer look at your key fob – many of them hide a temporary, pull-out key inside the case in case of an emergency. Once you find that, you just need to find the hidden keyhole to get into your car! Check your owner’s manual to find out where the hidden keyhole for your vehicle might be.

If you don’t have a hidden key in the key fob, your car may be one of those that now come with “remote services.” In that case, call the manufacturer’s help or roadside assistance line, and if your car is connected, they can unlock the car for you remotely. No remote services? Try holding the key fob right up against the door near the handle and pulling. Sometimes there’s just enough juice in the battery to allow you to unlock it from a close distance.

If you can get into your vehicle, but don’t have a backup key, you can still start the car with a dead key fob. Several manufacturers have a backup system build into the start button to allow a car with a dead key fob to start – simply push the start button with the key fob, aka touch them together.

If all else fails, call your roadside assistance company to see if they will bring you a key fob battery.

If you notice that your key fob works only at a closer and closer distance, it’s a sign that the battery is getting weak and you should change the battery!

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