Clean Your Car | Stroebel Automotive

It’s vacation season! The inviting warmth of spring is pushing the memories of winter away, and summer is just around the corner. In many cases, that means the car is being left behind, while you go on a nice getaway elsewhere.

Your car shouldn’t be neglected during this time! Here are some quick tips to prep your car before you jet off:


Even though you are leaving the car for an extended time, that should not dismiss a cleaning. Stains and grime that are left may damage the paint, and the worst thing to come back to from a vacation would be a problem such as paint damage that could have been easily preventable.

Another good idea would be to get your car waxed prior to the trip. Waxing actually prevents dust from accumulating on the car, and there is nothing wrong with coming back from your trip to a nice, clean vehicle.


You never know what the weather will choose to do while you are gone. The fact that this time of year is known for nice weather does not ensure anything, a freak storm could come in an instant. For that reason, it is important to protect your vehicle and prevent harm.

A garage is the ideal place to store your car. It not only keeps it away from the elements, but it also helps it remain at a relatively stable temperature. If you do not have a garage, an alternative you could look into would be a public storage unit, or investing in a weatherproof cover if you plan on leaving it outside, like in your driveway. A cover would help keep your car both clean and dry.


Because your car will be in one spot for a while, this makes your tires more prone to “flat spots”. Flat spots are parts of the tire that become either stiffer or softer than the rest of the tire due to compression against the surface while parked, resulting in spots that cause disturbances while driving.

To better prevent this, make sure the tires are inflated to their recommended pressure.

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