preserve your car resale value

On average, as soon as a car is driven off the lot, it loses around 20% of its value. Depreciation happens and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it, but there are measures to take to slow it down!

Regular Maintenance
Consistent oil changes can ensure your car’s engine will last for a very long time. Regular maintenance also includes changing brakes and tires, either of which left unattended can cause significant wear on suspension and your steering system.
If Something Breaks, Fix It!
Fix the small stuff so that it doesn’t turn into something more significant, costing you much more money down the road. Stroebel Automotive makes a trip to the shop simple and relatively pain-free!

Keep Your Service Records
You want to know a car’s history when buying a used vehicle, and the service records are the best way to know exactly what has happened to the car internally!

Keep Your Car Clean
Outside appearance makes a difference in resale value, as does keeping up with the interior. A well-maintained interior shows that the car has not been abused in some irreversible ways.

Keep the Car to Factory Specs
Modifying the vehicle can deter someone from purchasing your vehicle. To improve your chances of selling the vehicle quickly at a good price, you should keep it as close to factory specs as possible. More buys are inclined to purchase a car that has been kept original.

Don’t Push the Vehicle to Its Limits
Turning too fast, too abrupt, braking too late, etc. are all things that can weaken the vehicle and chip away at its life. If you want the car to last, don’t put it past its limits and use the car the way it was intended.

Keeping resale value intact is hard work, but if you take care of your vehicle then you’ll have a car that’s in great shape when you’re ready to sell.

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