Waze traffic and navigation app

Technology touches our lives in almost every aspect these days. Every day, it seems like some new devices or products are meant to make our lives easier. Some apps help you find your dream house, dream car, manage your bank accounts, locate the nearest restaurants, and many more. Apps based on the driver’s experience designed to make your drive easier are a part of this trend as well. There are multiple apps people all over the world can download for driving. Here are five apps I would recommend for any driver.  Safe driving is a priority at Stroebel Automotive, so always be attentive to the road and your surroundings while using these apps. 


Reliable navigation is something every driver wants to have on any drive. Waze is a cutting-edge navigation app that is more responsive and adaptive in comparison to other apps or navigation units. “Waze is constantly updated by its users with active and passive data logging” according to Waze.com. Waze has real-time updates regarding traffic data, and nearby road hazards, road closures, vehicle accidents, and more. Waze is the essential app to use to help you navigate on any drive.

Waze traffic and navigation app


Torque Lite and Torque Pro

While driving, it’s essential to pay attention to your vehicle’s gauge cluster. However, if you are currently experiencing issues with your gauge, and you’re not sure if it’s giving you correct readings. I recommend the app called “Torque.” Torque is an app that functions as a secondary gauge cluster that any driver can use. There are two versions of this app. “Torque Lite” and “Torque Pro.” Torque Lite is free but has ads while Torque Pro costs five dollars and removes ads. The Torque app is a wonderful asset for drivers. The Torque app includes RPM, speed, and boost shown in real time, coolant temp, throttle, acceleration forces, and more. It also will give you a reasonable estimate on your vehicle’s horsepower.

torque lite and torque pro

Autometer Dashlink

For the more modern vehicle, traditional gauges are beautiful, but if you want a digital gauge, I recommend “Autometer Dashlink.” Autometer is a popular digital gauge that’s known for its race-quality gauges (Jensen, 2018). The Dashlink is a scanning tool, virtual dashboard, performance gauge system, data recorder, and GPS mapper (Jensen, 2018). Torque does provide some of the same features. Dashlink goes more, giving you specific information on how fast you’re moving at particular times during the ride. Some people say that Torque is for car enthusiasts and Dashlink is more suited for the racers.

auto meter dash link


Saving money is always a smart move. Saving a few extra dollars per day on gas can go a long way. There are some apps that people can download to help them find gas at a more affordable price. I recommend the “GasBuddy” app. Think of GasBuddy as the friend that’s always on the lookout for lower gas prices while you’re on the road. GasBuddy is a free app made to tell you the cost of all gas in a selected area.

Gas Buddy app


Mile IQ

Now if you spend much time driving back and forth for work, and you’re interested in keeping track of your miles – the app “MileIQ” is what we recommend you use. MileIQ is an app that allows you to keep track of your miles for potentially huge savings at tax time. The app will track date, time, distance driven, and an estimate of what that trip cost you.

mile IQ auto app

It’s great to live in a world where technology can do all the heavy lifting for you. This way you will have more time to enjoy yourself, as well as your car.

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