Our vehicles take the whole family on exciting adventures, but a messy and disorganized interior can have you stopping every few minutes for stretches and fresh air, here are 5 great tips to get any car organized.


1. Always Have a Dedicated Trash Bin

This may seem like a basic tip, but you won’t believe how having a dedicated garbage bag in your car can change your driving experience. No more leaving wrappers all over until and no more pulling over at stores to gather and dump your garbage, just one bag to throw all your stresses away!


2. Combine Cupcake Liners With Cup Holders

One of the worst tasks that come with cleaning the car is getting rid of build-up in your cup holders. But, there’s an easy fix that can be found in your kitchen—cupcake liners! These handy wrappers will fit snug at the bottom of your holders and catch any crumbs or spills.


3. Hang Remote Caddies off Your Seat Backs

When you’re going on road trips with little ones, you’ll find yourself packing as many toys as possible to make the drive fun. Setting up a remote caddy in front of your child’s seat will keep them occupied with all of their favourite toys, books, and travel activities within arm’s reach.


4. Hang Carabiners From Your Roof Handles

If you have a crew of kids with plenty of backpacks and duffle bags, you can find yourself cramped with zero leg room to stretch. Maximize your vehicle’s space by hanging carabiners off your ceiling handles and clipping the kids’ bags to them for easy access and storage!


5. Give Each Storage Space a Dedicated Role

Everybody has heard the saying “a place for everything, and everything in its place,” and this is the core rule to car cleanliness. Your passenger glove box? Dedicate this space to car related items (e.g. your vehicle’s manual) and important receipts. The little shelves in your doors? Keep those as dedicated snack and treat zones!


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