We typically think of preparing for the wintertime emergency when we keep things in the trunk of our car. But have you ever thought about what you need in your car for the summer? We have some tips essential for your summer trunk.


Bottled water is important to keep in your car for several reasons. If you become stranded for any length of time it is good to have water on hand simply to prevent dehydration. Also, if your problem is a leaky radiator you can wait for the car to cool and give your radiator a drink. However, keep in mind that high temperatures can degrade the plastic so you will want to exchange the bottles for fresh ones a couple of times throughout the summer months. An alternative to traditional plastic is to look for a higher quality glass or stainless steel container, or even a life straw.

A basic first aid kit is always a good idea. Be sure to check regularly for expired products or things that may need to be replenished. Typical items would be sterile bandages, tape, cleansing pads, aspirin, scissors or knife, matches, plastic baggies, sunscreen, aloe, disposable gloves, disposable mouth barrier, a fully charged external phone battery pack, emergency numbers, and an old cell phone capable of dialing 911 in an emergency.


Non-perishable snacks are a good idea to keep on hand. If you do have car problems and are stranded you will have a little nourishment to keep you going. You could invest in a survival kit that includes freeze-dried snacks (remember that water we said to have on hand?). What goes along with snacks? Some handy napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, or wipes. These can also be useful if another type of emergency hits you.


Some tools you might need include a flashlight, multi-tool, air pressure gauge, duct tape, a funnel, reflective triangles, seatbelt cutter/emergency escape tool, shovel, and jumper cables. You don’t know when you will have a problem, so having a light source may be a challenge (Be sure to check the batteries or have a spare battery in the car too!). For that unexpected flat tire, you can find kits that have a portable air compressor and tire sealant. A quart of oil isn’t a bad idea either, especially if you suspect you have a leak.


Finally, some extra cash is always a good idea, especially when traveling far from home. When you need a tow is not the time to find out you don’t actually have the tow coverage you thought you had on your insurance policy. Or when you are at the gas station with a tank on E isn’t the time to find out there is a problem with your debit card. Even keeping a hidden $20 will get you enough gas to get back on the road!


Summer adventures can be the best of memories. The unexpected can make the adventures just as memorable but in a bad way. Being prepared can halt the unexpected and let you move forward with the memories you want to have.


Call us for your pre-summer adventure diagnostics. Your experts at Stroebel Automotive want to make sure you have the best memories possible!


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