In today’s economy, many drivers are concerned about the rising gas prices and wondering when this nonsense will end. While we don’t have an answer for that, what we do know are some ways you can make the best use of your high-priced fuel in your vehicle. 

Modify Your Habits!


  1. Use a gas app. We like GasBuddy. You can search by your current location, search by map, and bookmark your favorite gas stations. They even have a gas card that works at most stations to save you 25¢ per gallon. 
  2. Plan your route. Before you leave home, know where you are going so you don’t waste gas zigzagging around town. When heading to work, try to commute with other people and split the cost!
  3. Fill up early in the week. Gas prices tend to be lower on Monday and Tuesday. Try using a gas rewards card. Some offer cash back on purchases and other rewards. 

It All Adds Up…


  1. Take the first available parking spot. Don’t waste gas driving up and down rows of parked cars looking for the open spot closest to the door. It won’t hurt you to walk a few extra steps, but in times like these, conserving your fuel is a better option. 
  2. Keep the windows closed and air conditioning to a minimum. Open windows creates a drag on the vehicle, reducing your fuel economy by about 10%. Likewise, running the air conditioning at full capacity puts about a 20% greater load on the engine, burning extra fuel. 
  3. Don’t idle. Idling your car uses more fuel than turning your car off and restarting it a few minutes later. 

Drive Sensibly.


  1. Use cruise control. You’ll notice the constant speed improves your fuel economy. The exception is if you are driving on a hilly or curvy road where it is best to take your car off cruise. The downshifting your car does automatically while on cruise control takes more gas than if you modify the speed yourself.
  2. Accelerate slow and coast more. Gradual speeding up and slowing down uses less gas. Let yourself glide to a stop (this also improves the life of your braking system!) 
  3. Check your speed. As a general rule, when you drive above 50 mph your fuel efficiency declines. You might be burning up to 33¢ more fuel (per gallon) for every extra 5 mph. 

Maintain Your Vehicle!


  1. Check your tires. Underinflated tires can lower your gas mileage by up to 3¢ per gallon. Check your owner’s manual or ask the experts for the right tire pressure for your tires.
  2. Oil changes. Make sure you are using the right oil for optimal efficiency. Get your regular maintenance done. Using the wrong oil weight or running your engine on dirty oil will make the engine work harder, using more fuel.
  3. Schedule a maintenance appointment. Making sure your vehicle is checked regularly by a professional will ensure you are not wasting fuel on an engine that has to work harder because of a simple fix. This might mean checking your air filter, spark plugs, or oxygen sensor. 

Request an appointment today and we will do our part to help you save!


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