There are many reasons why your vehicle might break down. Some of these can be avoided with regular maintenance to your vehicle. And frequently the cost will be less if you handle the issue sooner rather than later!

Here are the top 3 reasons we see vehicles in need of repair.


  1. Bad battery
  2. Failed fuel pump
  3. Leaking water pump


The first is the bad battery. The life span of your vehicle battery should be at least three to four years. Some will last longer, even up to six years. Others may last only two. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes we unintentionally put a drain on our vehicle batteries. Leaving a light on, a parasitic draw on the battery (clock, alarm system, bad relays), connections are loose or corroded, battery not charging, short trips, and outdoor temperature all play a part in the life of your battery. 



Your fuel pump may falter, resulting in fuel not being delivered to the engine. Needless to say, if this happens, you aren’t going to be going anywhere. You’ll know if your engine runs poorly if the fuel pump is not working correctly. This is because an adequate amount of fuel isn’t being sent to the engine. Similar to us, when we don’t have enough fuel in our bodies, we get sluggish and lack energy. Your vehicle may sputter and not run smoothly. An overheated engine can be a sign of a failing fuel pump. When this happens, you might find yourself sitting along the side of the road as your vehicle shuts itself off. Read more symptoms here. 


The water pump in your vehicle is another common problem we see in vehicle repairs. The water pump is crucial to keeping your vehicle’s coolant system running optimally. As the name suggests, the water pump circulates coolant through your engine, keeping the components cool. You could risk significant damage to your vehicle when the water pump fails. Overheating is a concern and can cause damage to the cylinders, pistons, and head gasket. If you notice the temperature running hot, it is best to shut your vehicle off immediately to reduce the chance of costly repairs. Coolant leaks are fairly common signs that the water pump may need to be replaced. You might notice some whining noises that are high-pitched coming from the engine. This could be just a loose belt, or it could be your water pump is on its last legs. 


If you notice some of these signs or anything else that seems to be off for your vehicle, it might be time to check it out. Routine maintenance will almost always be less expensive than waiting for your vehicle to shut down on its own. 


When you visit Stroebel Automotive for your routine maintenance, we will tell you issues that are coming up with an estimated time frame to allow you to plan. Nobody likes being surprised with large repairs! Request your appointment here