Now that warmer weather is upon us, many are itching to take a much-deserved vacation. You plan and set your budget, choose your location, dates, activities, and maybe a splurge item… and your car breaks down halfway between Michigan and Montana. You are now having to find a trustworthy mechanic in an area you have never been to. Your children are grumpy because they won’t be able to swim at the hotel tonight before bedtime. Your finances have taken a hit because of a costly repair you didn’t anticipate. And you and your spouse are bickering about things out of your control.


Wouldn’t it be much more pleasant if the first day of your trip occurred without a hitch? While we cannot guarantee that your travel plans will be filled with nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures, we can do our part to ensure your car cooperates. In the meantime, here are some things you should be taking care of:

Check your…

  • Tire pressure
  • Oil
  • Battery
  • Brakes
  • Fluids
  • Lights



Bring along a cell phone, an emergency kit

and some cash just in case of an emergency.

Pack a first aid kit and tools…

  • include a first-aid kit
  • include tools such as jumper cables and a spare tire
  • include a flashlight, batteries, and extra keys
  • include a cell phone charger
  • include a blanket, water, and snacks


Being prepared for the unexpected can save you some grief. Don’t get hung up on having to have everything perfect because there will always be something unexpected. But being well prepared can’t hurt!

Use your GPS wisely…

  • a GPS can be a useful tool, but it is not infallible
  • use the GPS to confirm your route, but don’t rely on it entirely
  • don’t rely on the GPS if you are in an unfamiliar area
  • if you are in an unfamiliar area, use a map


Using a GPS is an excellent way to get around in unfamiliar areas. But sometimes, they aren’t 100% accurate. Be sure to ask questions about areas you should stay away from while traveling. Not all places are tourist-family friendly!

Be safe while in rental cars…

  • do not leave valuables in the car
  • do not leave the car unlocked
  • do not leave the keys in the ignition
  • do not leave the windows open
  • do not leave anything in plain view
  • do not leave any food or drinks in the car


Rental cars offer their own insurance, but be sure to check what that insurance covers. You can also check with your insurance agent to see what your existing policy covers for rental car protection.

Safety is key while on vacation – do not forget to take these steps with every car you drive, even if you’re driving it home!

  • safety is important
  • don’t forget to check your car before you leave
  • don’t forget to bring a cell phone, an emergency kit, and cash
  • don’t forget to pack a first-aid kit and tools
  • don’t forget to use your GPS wisely


Have a great time this summer, and don’t forget to take care of your vehicle! Stroebel Automotive is here to help; give us a call and schedule your maintenance before you head out to that warm summer vacation spot.

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