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Now we’d like to prove to you that Stroebel Automotive will take better care of your car than you’ve experienced before.  That’s why we provide the “Prove It Program” for our new customers.

Prove it program Stroebel AutomotiveThe program is simple but powerful. You bring your car in for a full diagnostic exam, and get three oil changes with factory approved oil for FREE*. Full diagnostic exams cost $75 to $95 depending on your car.  After the exam, you get a detailed report on your car’s condition, enabling you to avoid needless repairs.

Call (989) 781-4307 and set up an appointment today, or click on the request an appointment button below. We look forward to making you and your car happier at Stroebel Automotive.

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*Up to six quarts manufacturer approved oil per oil change. Diesels excluded.

Diagnostic & System Evaluations

Question’s we hear from our customers.

“Why is my Check Engine Light On?”  or “Who Can Fix my Check Engine Light?

 Automotive Diagnostic & System Evaluations Cars and trucks have become smarter over the past 4 decades. The introduction of monitoring systems beginning in the mid to late 1980’s, have helped provide the auto service industry with diagnostic information. This diagnostic information may be critical in repairing your car properly. Your “Check Engine”, or an image of an engine may appear in your vehicles dashboard or information screen. Don’t worry, bring your vehicle into Stroebel Automotive and we will perform a thorough diagnostic to identify the potential issue.

Today, automotive diagnostic systems are even smarter, providing vital data about many of your cars major components that may include:

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Transmission
  • Fuel injection
  • Air conditioning
  • Power steering
  • Cooling systems

Unfortunately, not all problems with your vehicle are displayed or even caught by your vehicles on board computer. This may be due to a part not being monitored, or a possible fault in the monitoring system itself. In this situation, It may require a road test diagnostic be performed by our expert staff to find the problem.

Fortunately our ASE Certified technicians at Stroebel Automotive are trained in the best automotive diagnostic procedures. With over 30 years of experience, you can be confident we have the tools, monitoring equipment, and the skill necessary to pinpoint electrical or mechanical problems and keep you on the road.

Diagnostic & System Evaluations
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