s star rated auto service shop saginaw, mi

Dear Dale, Brandy, and Ben;

I really appreciate the removal Ben did of the spare tire from underneath my 2008 Uplander.  I can now use my spare in case I have a flat. I would have been in a real mess if I would have ever had a flat out on a highway somewhere, and my spare refusing to release from under the van. Thanks again Ben.

If more people would take a look at under the mini vans spare tire periodically, there would be an awfully lot of folks shocked at how rusty and corroded their spare and the underbody carrier mechanism is, particularly here in Michigan.

Also thanks Dale for replacing the cylinder head gasket in March of this year. Motor is running much better.

And also thanks again Dale for fixing the “check engine light” problem I had for a year. That new Ignition Coil must have been the answer to that problem.

Thanks to Stroebel Automotive, my 2008 Uplander Van is good as new.

Sincerely, Don Harlow