Oil Leak Repair - Fluid Leaks

Questions we hear from our customers.

“My Car Leaks” or “What does it mean when my car leaks?” or “There is fluid under my car”

oil leak repair stroebel automotiveSeeing an oil stain in the garage or driveway is never a pleasant feeling. Fortunately, many times the leak may be a simple fix. Whether you see an oil leak, transmission fluid leak, coolant leak, or any other possible fluid coming out of your vehicle, fear not, Stroebel Automotive is here to help.

We offer professional inspection and diagnostic services by our ASE certified technicians. We will determine where your leak is coming from and how to properly repair the issue in the most efficient and affordable way. Call Stroebel Automotive today for an appointment to help fix your oil leak or other fluids in your vehicle. (989) 781-4307

Possible reasons for car oil leaks include:

  • Oil drain plug gasket not sealing properly
  • Damaged or worn out gaskets, hoses, pistons or rings
  • An improperly attached oil filter
  • A missing gasket
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