Bad Car Repair

This vehicle came to us with a customer complaint of a coolant leak. During the customer interview process, the customer informed us the vehicle had been involved in an accident a few months ago.

Our inspection revealed the previous repairer had not repaired all the damage. The radiator was bent, as can be seen in the picture, an rubbed on a bracket until it created a hole.

bad repairs 2We also found the grill to have the retaining tabs broken off one side as can be seen from the picture of the grill to the right.

Please make sure to use a reputable, licensed, certified repair facility when having your vehicle repaired.

We were able to get our customer back on the road with the proper repairs to ensure their vehicle is safe.

Our Technicians are ASE Certified. What does that mean?
In addition to passing an ASE Certification test, automotive technicians must have two years of on the job training or one year of on the job training and a two-year degree in automotive repair to qualify for certification.
To remain ASE certified, our technicians must be retested every five years to keep up with ever advancing automotive technology.

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