Steering & Suspension Services

Questions we hear from our customers.

“My Car Makes Noise Going Over Bumps” or “My Car Rattles” or “Why does my car make noises on dirt roads?”

Brake Repair Services SaginawDoes your vehicle feel like all the wheels are “doing their own thing”?
Is it difficult to control your vehicle in turns, or over rough terrain?
Are there strange noises when you turn your steering wheel?
Is there a clear oily fluid leaking from the front of your vehicle?

These are common symptoms of Steering and Suspension problems. It is best to address these problems when they are first noticed. The professional ASE certified technicians at Stroebel Automotive can identify and correct any steering and suspension issues quickly and affordably and get you back on the road with a comfortable and safe ride. Call today for an appointment. (989) 781-4307

Typical symptoms of Steering and Suspension problems

  • Steering wheel pulling to one side
  • Shaky, unsteady or off-center steering
  • Excessive bouncing during bumps
  • Intermittent control during braking and sudden stops
  • Swerving during lane changes and minor maneuvering
  • Diving during quick stops
  • Sagging in the front or rear of the vehicle

Call Stroebel Automotive before any of these problems get out of hand. Your steering and suspension systems keep you safe and comfortable on the road and if left untreated, can potentially cause failures in emergency situations.

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