Summer Car Maintenance

As we transition from the mild months of spring to the downright hot months of summer, it is important to keep several car maintenance tips in mind.  As outside temperatures climb, tire pressure can fluctuate. A 10-degree increase on the thermometer results in a one to two increase in tire PSI. When tires become over inflated, they make less surface contact with the road. This can be dangerous in summertime thunder storms, because the car will be more prone to hydroplaning.

Many people make long road trips in the summer which can be very hard on parts of the car. One of the main issues with heavy driving, is an overheated engine. Be sure to check your oil, as a dry engine will easily overheat and can cause permanent engine damage. Whenever your check oil or check engine light comes on, bring your car over and Stroebel Automotive for 3 FREE oil changes, as part of our “Prove It” Program. Also, be sure to check your coolant fluid levels, which also keep the engine from overheating

While driving in the heat, a proper A/C system is imperative to comfortable drive. The air conditioning can fail for numerous reasons, including hose leaks or clogs, old compressors, and contaminated refrigeration systems. You can stay ahead of most these issues by replacing parts before the end of their suggested life-cycle. Also, system flush eliminates any nasty odors emitting from the vents and help with a system failure.

At Stroebel Automotive our car repair experts are ready to tackle any issue your vehicle may be experiencing this summer. From a simple oil change to an engine failure to an A/C repair Stroebel has you covered. Stop in today to learn how we can help you, or make an appointment ahead of time at or by calling us at (989) 781-4307.