Car battery replacement

October is national Fall Car Care Month, which a perfect time to perform a seasonal check-up on your vehicle. Here a checklist of items to check as the weather begins to cool down.

  1. Be sure to keep an emergency road kit in your car suited for cold weather. This should include:
    1. Blankets and extra warm clothing
    2. First-aid kit
    3. Water and non-perishable food
    4. Bag of sand, salt or kitty litter
    5. Jumper cables
    6. Basic tool box
    7. Flashlight
  1. Ensure your engine filter and clean so it can function properly
  2. With snowy months on the way, proper tire tread is essential. Any tread that has less than 3/32 of tread should be replaced. Using snow tires would be ideal in moderate to heavy snowfall.
  3. All headlights, taillights, brake lights turn signals should be checked for any malfunctions or burnouts
  4. Be sure all cables and connections are corrosion, tear and fray free. Also check tubes and hoses for cracks and leaks.
  5. It is best to flush and refill their oil and coolant fluid. Buildup of sludge is thick at room temperature and only gets thicker when the temperature drops
  6. Keeping your gas tank at least half full at all times will help prevent moisture from forming in gas lines, which can freeze
  7. Check your windshield wipers for functionality. They should clear the windshield without any streaks, hazing, or unusual sounds. Winter blades will keep snow and ice from building up, which helps maintain a clean wipe each time

What better time for a checkup than Fall Care Car Month? Come in to Stroebel Automotive where we can handle any of your car care needs.  Our philosophy lies in educating, not selling, so feel free to call us with any questions, at (989)781-4307 or schedule an appointment with one of our ASE-certified technicians.