Do Not Disturb Auto Feature | Stroebel Automotive

Thanksgiving is officially over, however there are plenty of auto advancements to be thankful for!


These tires are equipped with steel stud implants designed to break up ice-covered roads! While small, they do an excellent job of gripping the road and braking due to their Y-shaped spike design.


Texting and driving isn’t just dangerous, it’s banned in Michigan! The texting while driving ban prohibits reading, typing, or sending texts messages while driving a car. Distracted driving accounts for almost 4,000 deaths per year. Apple set out to stop that with its new Do Not Disturb While Driving feature. This feature detects when your phone is in a moving can and remains shut off, the screen stays black, the notifications are silent, all allowing you to remain safe.


A large problem for motorcyclists is the location of their dashboard – in order to see it they must look down and not at the road. The Nuviz helmet brings the dashboard eye-level, putting the motorcyclist’s speed, map, and directions front and center.

2017 has been filled with great innovations in the auto world set on keeping motorists safe. If you have any questions or need to bring your vehicle in, please contact Stroebel Automotive at (989) 781-4307