Warming Your Car in Winter | Stroebel Automotive

Winter is here…or at least it’s on its way! This is about the time when temperatures take a big dip, meaning frigid mornings. For those getting up and leaving the house, getting to your car in the cold can be miserable. To alleviate this type of discomfort, many people usually leave their vehicle running for a few minutes, but this many be unnecessary, not to mention can have some side effects. Let’s take a look at some important tips for warming your car in the winter mornings!

  1. Driving actually warms your car faster than idling. This goes against everything we’ve been told, but actually driving the car warms the engine and cabin much faster than letting it idle.
  2. 10-30 seconds is enough. After close to 10 seconds of idling you’re actually wasting more money than you would if you shut it off and restarted it.
  3. Idling is not great for your car. Cars are meant to be driven and sitting for long periods of time idling can actually be detrimental and hurt your car. Over time, idling can degrade your engine’s performance and reduce mileage.
  4. Not only can idling hurt your car, but it can also cost you money! Idling burns gas while going nowhere.
  5. Idling in your garage can be fatal. This is common knowledge, but it’s incredibly important to remember. Carbon monoxide is produced when burning gasoline and when inhaled in sufficient amounts, can cause a loss of consciousness followed by death.
  6. Block heaters are better than remote starters. Remote starters are incredibly convenient, however engine block heaters allow for similar benefits without burning through so much gas.

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