Stroebel Automotive September 2019 Blog autonomus driving

Stroebel Automotive September 2019 Blog autonomus drivingIn 2019, the old dream of the average person having their self-driving car is becoming more of a reality. More investors are pushing for this dream to become realized every day. We see more companies develop an interest in autonomous vehicles. One of the latest companies that are throwing their hat in the ring is Ford. This company has its eyes set on developing their brand of autonomous vehicles. Ford plans on introducing their self-driving cars by the year 2021. Previous reports stated these vehicles do not have a steering wheel, gas pedal, or brake pedal. I wonder how Ford plans on utilizing the extra room? Ford also plans on including geo-fenced areas for ride-sharing services. Some of you may be asking yourself the question, what are geofenced areas? Geofencing is a service that triggers an action when a device enters a set location. In July there was an announcement of a joint venture between Ford and Volkswagen. The two automobile giants planned to invest billions of dollars towards autonomous vehicles. The multibillion-dollar investment went to Argo AI . Previous reports mentioned that Ford wants to incorporate the Argo AI into their vehicles in America and Europe.

Stroebel Automotive September 2019 Blog 2Now that more companies are entering the autonomous race. Some people are wondering how long will it take for autonomous vehicles to reduce the demand for traditional vehicles. Many have pointed out the pros of having an autonomous vehicle over the years. The idea of a self-driving car has been around for decades. For example, self-driving vehicles have made appearances in films for years. Self-driving vehicles can help lower the rate of car accidents and deaths based on auto accidents. However, it’s harder for people that work for companies such
as Uber and Lyft to make money. The two companies already seem to have problems paying their drivers.

Even though the advantages of owning a self-driving vehicle. We will most likely have to wait a little bit longer before self-driving vehicles become commonplace. There are still some roadblocks (I’m sorry I’ll stop now) that prevents autonomous vehicles from being integrated into the streets. Last year there was a fatal car accident that leads to the death of a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. A self-driving car owned by Uber caused the accident. This accident made people question is it safe to test self-driving vehicles on the road amongst the unknowing public.

Stroebel Automotive September 2019 Blog Despite this, companies like Ford continue to invest their money and resources into this idea. Since the idea of making autonomous vehicle reality has already become realized. All they have to do is fix the bumps in the road first.

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