Have you ever felt like you have been given the run-around or not gotten a straight answer to your questions? We get it. That’s why we try to give you straight answers in simple language without a lot of technical terminologies that become overwhelming and confusing.



We have compiled a list of FAQs we get in the automotive repair industry. Hopefully, this will be helpful!


#1 What are my repair options and can you explain each?


Why yes, we can explain your options. In fact, we not only like to explain to you what is happening with your car, but we like to tell you about it before you need to make the repairs. The more time we can give you to prepare and plan, the better!


#2 What certifications do you have?


This is a great opportunity for us to discuss our training with you. All our mechanics are ASE Certified, and our shop is an AAA-approved auto repair shop, and we are members of the Automotive Service Association of Michigan. We take continuing education courses and workshops so we can provide you with the most knowledgeable repairs we can.


#3 Do you provide maintenance plans?


We absolutely can provide you with a maintenance plan. We will send you reminders that you are due for service right to your cell phone! We know that a well-maintained car runs better and lasts longer than cars not receiving regular maintenance.


#4 Can I see my old parts?


Yes! We want you to see your old parts so you can witness what was broken or faulty in your vehicle. In some cases, we will give you the old part to take with you.


#5 Is there anything I can do to help?


Yes, as a matter of fact, you can help. We are not magicians. Sometimes we need clues from you. Have you ever heard a noise or felt a shimmy, and when you bring your car in we can’t make the car repeat the problem? That happens to everyone. You can take notes on noises, where it sounds like it’s coming from, how loud it is, if there is something that triggers the issue, any shimmies, squeaks, warbles, and of course, any smells you notice. All of these help us to diagnose the problem, especially if we can’t make the car repeat the issues for us.


#6 Can I have a written estimate?


Yes. We want you to have all the information you need upfront. We will not make any repairs without your permission or without you having an idea of the expense involved with the repairs that are needed. 


#7 Can we prioritize the repairs?


In most cases, yes. There can be a priority with main repairs that are necessary, and with repairs that can wait a little longer. We don’t want you to panic or be stuck not having the funds to take care of the repairs. We wouldn’t enjoy being in that position, and we wouldn’t do that to you!


For more questions, contact your Stroebel Automotive professionals! We are here to be most helpful. https://stroebelautomotive.com/request-appointment/

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