Be nice to your car, and your car will be nice to you. Ok, so maybe that’s a little inaccurate. But, if you keep up with your car maintenance, you will enjoy a longer time together. 


We, your expert mechanic team, have been listening to your cars all year long. And this is what your cars had to say…


  • Your car told us it’s time to check your brakes and not to wait until your rotors are bad too! They are embarrassed when other cars hear their brakes grinding.


  • Your car told us to follow your owner’s manual for oil changes and not to wait until the oil is dark and goopy. That makes your car really sad and feel sluggish. Your car will panic at times when it doesn’t have enough oil. It will let you know this when it starts knocking to get your attention.


  • Your car told us it doesn’t like Michigan winters. Those pesky potholes mess with your car’s suspension, and neither you nor your car likes a rough ride.


  • Your car told us it doesn’t like the cold temperatures. Unprepared cars can experience a broken fan belt if the water pump gets frozen coolant in it, the heater core could rupture if frozen, and if there isn’t enough coolant, it can’t produce heat. That makes us both grumpy and cold.


  • Your car is afraid of winter salt wreaking havoc on its underside. Those nasty elements can rot fuel lines and brake lines on older cars. They want to keep you safe and need their brakes intact to do that!


  • Your car told us shaking and shimmying should be done on a dance floor, not as it is driving down the road. It doesn’t like feeling like it’s doing the chicken dance.


  • Your car told us it doesn’t like the uneven tread on its tires. This not only means you aren’t rotating them as recommended, but it could also mean that you have bigger problems with your suspension. Loose or worn components are not your car’s friend.


  • Your car told us its headlights aren’t pointing in the right direction. It feels odd to them, sort of like being cross-eyed.


  • Your car told us it would really like its air filter changed. The air filter protects your engine from dirt and debris. We, the owners of cars, like to breathe clean air and replace filters on our furnaces or air purifiers. Your vehicle will run better and last longer with an air filter replacement. 


  • Your car told us it’s feeling kind of sluggish and finds it difficult to get moving sometimes. Flushing out the old transmission fluid and replacing it with new, clean fluid will help your transmission shift better and smoother.

Regular maintenance for your car shouldn’t be taken lightly. The better you take care of your car; it will be more reliable for a longer period of time, run more efficiently – reducing the expense of fuel, and continue to be a smooth ride for longer!