As Michiganders, we all know our winters bring us surprises. Sometimes a small squall turns into a bigger storm, and sometimes predictions of a bigger storm don’t amount to much. What we do know for sure is that it is good to be prepared for anything. We have some tips & tricks to keep you rolling safely throughout the winter season.

Make sure your car is serviced.

This should be a top priority. Ensuring your car is serviced will lessen the chances of having unexpected trouble while traveling during colder temperatures. During a normal service appointment, we will ensure your battery is strong. Colder temperatures mean your battery needs more power to start your car. If the battery is old and on its way out, a cold winter might leave you needing a new one.

We will also check…

…your cooling system to ensure you have the right ratio of antifreeze to water to avoid corrosion and freezing. 

…your brakes should have enough wear on them to get you through the winter season

…your belts, hoses, spark plugs, cables, and wiring for any wear that could cause problems

…your tires should have sufficient tread, and winter tires are preferred

Did you know that cold temperatures can change tire pressure? 

Be sure to check this regularly!

…your wipers should be free from cracks and wear. Heavier winter wipers will help keep ice from building up on the blades.

…all your fluids will be topped off

…heater and defrost to make sure you have heat and can keep your windows from fogging up

Winter survival kit

Pack yourself a winter survival kit to ensure if you do get stuck; you have some supplies to help you until help arrives. This can be simple items like a foldable shovel, extra clothing, a blanket, and a cell phone with a charger. Even an old cell phone can be used to dial 911 as long as it is charged. We also recommend a bag of kitty litter or sand to spread on the ground to give you some additional traction if needed. Keeping a candle or two with a lighter in your car can offer you some heat while you wait for help!

Other Tips & Tricks

Check your headlights. Are they pointed at the road in front of you? Or does one veer off into the trees? Do they get fogged up inside the glass? Do your bright headlights look like dims? Do you have fog lights? Are any lights burnt out?

Try to keep a set of jumper cables or a portable jump starter with you. You never know when you might need help starting your car or when you can help another driver in need! 

Driving Tips

Finally, take extra care when driving. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you are headed. Leave plenty of space between you and the cars around you. You don’t know when you might hit that icy patch that prevents you from stopping as you expect! Be mindful of CO dangers. When you park, make sure your tailpipe is not blocked. When this happens, you can accidentally block the fumes from exiting through the tailpipe, which causes the fumes to back up into the car. It is often best to stay in your car and call for help! Keep something brightly colored in your car that you can use as a flag on your antenna.

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