Noncompliant and defective vehicles can pose a serious risk to you and your family. 

To protect your family from defective vehicle parts, you have to be proactive. Countless injuries and at least 16 fatalities have been reported in the US as a result of something as simple as defective airbags. 

For this reason, the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires recalls to be issued if there are significant issues with car parts. 

Let’s take a look at what a recall is, what it means for you, and what you should do if you find out your vehicle needs steering repairs, car engine repairs, or other car support.

What Is A Recall?

A car safety recall is required when either the manufacturer or NHTSA reveals that a vehicle or a piece of equipment on the vehicle, has safety-related defects. You’ll then be required to bring your vehicle back to the dealership to resolve the issue. For many cases, the manufacturers are required to fix the problem for free, replacing, repairing, or offering a refund or for extreme cases, they’ll repurchase the vehicle. Millions of vehicles are recalled every single year, so don’t just assume your vehicle is free of recalls. 

How To Check For Recalls

Typically, if you have a vehicle that is currently recalled, you should receive a notice in the mail from your vehicle’s manufacturer. However, it is possible to miss a notice in the mail, especially if you have moved recently. You can sign up for online notification emails by signing up for online notification emails. 

And if you don’t want to wait on the manufacturer to notify you, then you can also visit the government’s website,, and enter your VIN information to check if your vehicle is under recall. Whether you need a car engine repair or steering wheel repair, this is your first place to look if you’re curious if your vehicle is under recall. The website will cover every type of recall including tires, equipment, and car seats. 

Bonus Point: You can locate your VIN on the lower left side of your car’s windshield. 

Helpful Points

What to do if you’re not the original owner: 

It’s a good idea to reach out to your vehicle’s manufacturer to inform them that you are now the owner of your vehicle. Many used car owners miss recalls because they are not registered as the car’s owner. They’ll be sure to input your info including your address, into their database to keep you up-to-date. 

There is a statute of limitations on vehicle recalls: 

If you are looking for no-charge recalls, you’ll have to ensure that your recall is within the 8-year statute of limitations on the original sale date of the car. After that, you’ll be expected to pay full price to have new parts added, replaced, or repaired. If you do happen to pay for the repair before you reach out to the manufacturer, they are under no obligation to give you your money back. 

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